Custom Virtual Reality Design & Development

Take productivity and safety to the next level at your workplace with custom Virtual Reality Training

Custom Virtual Reality Learning Experiences

If you can dream it, we can build it.

At Goleman we understand that unique businesses and workplace environments require unique training solutions. To meet the demand for tailored training solutions Goleman now offers a  custom Virtual Reality Training development and design service alongside our Virtual Reality Learning Experiences, to satisfy all your training and induction needs.

Custom Virtual Reality Design & Development

Hands on, true to life training experiences for any workplace in New Zealand

Our experience delivering face to face and virtual reality training across New Zealand to a broad range of industries means we offer a complete package of training solutions for most businesses requiring training for real workplace environments and scenarios.

Site Inductions

Ditch boring powerpoint presentations in favour of interactive and immersive VR Learning Experiences. Virtual Reality training will ensure your employees fully understand site safety before they’ve left the training room or been exposed to potentially hazardous work environments. This leads to a safer worksite for everyone.

Employee Onboarding

Transform employee Onboarding using interactive technology that engages and excites your new team member about working at your company. Virtual Reality Onboarding is also ideal for remote locations and for companies which require employees to work across multiple sites and facilities. And the training is always available. You can onboard your team members easily on any day, at any time.

Worksafe Training

Deliver hands-on, practical safety training to your team to protect them, your customers, and the general public from hazardous situations. With VR training you no longer have to expose your trainee to dangerous situations before they’ve been fully trained. Custom Virtual Reality training solutions mean training can be tailored to the unique safety requirements of your workplace in New Zealand.

Machinery & Vehicle Operation Training

Bring machine and vehicle training to life for your employees using immersive VR Training that simulates technical operation in the workplace. Virtual Reality technology enhances concentration meaning your trainee is absorbing more knowledge than they would with traditional learning, leaving them better equipped to handle machinery and operate vehicles.

Skills Training

Almost any workplace scenario can be simulated using Virtual Reality Training. VR technology gives you the ability to teach specific skills to your new employees and team members safely in a fun and controlled environment. This also leads to more consistency in the teaching of essential skills.

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Proven Results When Compared with Traditional Training


faster to train than in the classroom


more confident to apply skills learned after training


more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners


more focused than their e-learning peers

Engage Your Employees in an Immersive Learning Experience

Once the learner puts the Virtual Reality Headset on, they will be 100% focused on the visual and sensory experience before them. The immersive nature of Virtual Reality Learning Experiences have been proven to improve acquisition and retention of knowledge considerably when compared with traditional learning methods.

Risk Minimisation

Virtual Reality Learning Experiences offer the opportunity to safely train your employees in how to act in hazardous situations and environments before they’ve encountered them in real life. This reduces the risk of injury to employees who are learning on the job, their trainer and anyone else who would normally be in the vicinity of the trainee whilst they learned on the worksite.

Simplify Remote Location Training

Virtual Reality Training allows you to Induct and Onboard employees headed for remote locations before they leave. This represents a significant saving to your business as training can be done in-house, without the need for additional staff to travel to remote locations every time you take on a new team member.


Inducting, onboarding, and training new team members can be difficult when you’re hiring regularly or need to replace an employee at short notice.  VR training is on demand training which means it’s always there for you to use when you need it.  Having training solutions at your fingertips leads to an increase in productivity and less down-time for your team.

Custom Virtual Reality Design & Development – How it Works

At Goleman we offer a comprehensive toolbox of Virtual Reality training solutions which can be customised for your workplace. It all starts with us gaining an understanding of your training goals.

Our Designers then work on a VR training concept which you will sign off on before we move onto the Development phase.

We’re with you all the way right through to installation and training, so you can confidently use your custom VR Learning Experience to train your employees.

VR Development & Design

Our team of developers and designers use virtual reality software applications to design training packages to your specifications. Whether you need to induct your team to a new worksite, teach specific operations skills, equip your team with the skills they need to deal with dangerous situations or something else, our team of creative experts will be able to design a virtual reality training solution that meets your goals and brings training to life for your employees.

Hardware Integration

Goleman has forged strong partnerships within the Virtual Reality training industry which means we can offer a comprehensive VR learning experience that integrates our software with a range of hardware including VR headsets, 3D projectors and screens, eye-trackers, feedback devices, motion capture and more.

Installation & Training

Once you have your Virtual Reality Learning Experience designed and developed for you, it’s important that you are confident using it. We offer an on-site installation and training service to get you up and running with VR training and to ensure you can use it to successfully train your team.

What is a Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality Training (VRT) is an innovative way to train and induct team members into almost any workplace. Trainees use a headset and controllers to interact with workplace environments, operate machinery and apply skills and knowledge to hazardous situations. At Goleman we offer a range of Virtual Reality Learning Experiences that businesses can buy off the shelf and now, we’re also offering the opportunity to custom design training to suit your own unique business and training goals.

The Virtual Solution for Your Specific Training Needs

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