The future of training is here & it’s virtual

A new way to learn on the job with safe, immersive, simulated training environments.

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Take productivity and safety to the next level at your workplace with custom built Virtual Reality Training. Design and develop training to suit your own unique business and training goals.

Goleman VR Learning Experiences


Train and induct teams with an off-the-shelf library of state of the art virtual training experiences including working at height, confined space, fire safety, manual handling, ladder safety and more.

Goleman VR Refreshers


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Revolutionising the way you and your team complete your refresher training. Goleman VR Refreshers are being created to meet all learning outcomes for the required NZQA unit standards without having to travel to a training facility.

Why train in the virtual world?

The key difference of VR workplace training is that it measures competence NOT completion. Training that involves potentially dangerous, hard to get to environments or expensive equipment, physically impossible scenarios, time and travel are all great examples of where VR has a great advantage over traditional training methods.

Set your people up for success

It has long been established that humans learn best by experience and doing. Unfortunately the way in which the majority of workplace learning and training experiences are being delivered doesn’t match the innate way we understand and absorb new information.

Training and learning delivery methods have evolved over many years from the lecture theatre, text books, videos, e-learning and now we enter the virtual learning period. Never before have we been able to train in true to life scenarios without the risk, cost and time that training in real scenarios presents.

Learning retention rates by method

Learning retention rates by method

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Subscription Options

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Single Experience

This subscription gives you access to one learning experience. Take productivity and safety to the next level at your workplace with our off-the-shelf VR training.

NZD$350 excl. GST

Unlimited Access

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the full learning experience library with new experiences being updated monthly – think of this as the Netflix subscription model.

NZD$950 excl. GST

Custom Design

Custom built VR experiences – design, development and implementation. Turn your training ideas into advanced technology that satisfies all your training and induction goals.

INCLUDING: Kick off, nurturing and onboarding program | Full service support with Zendesk technical support | Oculus Quest headsets (per product) |
Full analytics, research and regular data access | Unlimited use threshold (per headset)


A new way to learn on the job.

Our NZQA Industry Training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure they get home safely. And now our training environment has been extended to include our Virtual Reality Learning Experience; to safely train and induct your employees using immersive, simulated training environments.

What is a Virtual Reality Learning Experience?

Virtual Reality Training (VR Training) is digital simulation of realistic situations for training purposes. Trainees use a headset and controllers to interact with a 3D virtual setting ‘fitted out’ with simulated real-world tools, machinery, and instructors. The technology enables you to train and induct your teams safely and cost-effectively. And VR Training is proven to increase engagement and knowledge retention amongst participants.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Learning Experiences For You & Your Team

There is no amount of classroom learning that can prepare someone for the physical and mental demands of some jobs; confined spaces, working at heights, fire, and hazard detection for example. Real learning happens in the field and on the work-site – until now.

On the Job/Practical learning has long been considered the most effective way to learn and studies have shown that on the job experience increases the quality of learning and trainee retention by 75-90%. With Virtual Reality Training you can give your employees the experience they need to confidently step into the job you’ve hired them to do. But more than that, you can expose them to environments and scenarios that could be too costly or impossible to replicate in any other training situation. The immersive nature of this type of training saves money, time and protects the safety of co-workers who would normally be exposed to the trainee whilst they are learning.

No one gets hurt.

No downtime.

And when mistakes happen, no one gets hurt, there’s no downtime for other team members and no job-site gets shut down. Instead, the trainee will ‘enter a room’ where their mistakes are outlined and explained, and they will be shown what they could have done differently.

At Goleman we are experienced industry experts and trainers and as such we understand the practical realities and needs of on-boarding, training, and safety. This gives us incredible insight into how to use VR Training effectively and so that trainees receive the best possible training, without disruption or downtime for you and the rest of your team.

Increase Engagement

VR training is proven to increase participants' engagement by up to 85%.

Knowledge acquisition

VR learning achieves higher assessment scores of 93% compared to 73% with conventional learning methods.

Knowledge retention

VR training results in better retention rates – up to 80% one year after training compared to 20% just one week after traditional training.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity through optimised learning outcomes and minimising down-time due to injury from ineffective training methods.

Risk minimisation

Minimise risk for your employees and your business by maximising knowledge retention through immersive VR training.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs to business through maximising learning outcomes and knowledge retention.