Working at Heights VR Learning Experience

Safely learn to work at height with advanced immersive Virtual Reality Technology.

Superior learning outcomes from the comfort of your seat

100% safe learning
275% more confident to apply skills learned

VR Learning Experiences make it easy to maintain knowledge around working at heights without actually being on site.

Learn the proper methods to Work at Heights safely

In 2019 11% of workplace deaths in New Zealand were attributed to falls from heights, making this one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. Falling from heights injuries and deaths are avoidable with proper training and immersive experiences provided by Goleman Training.

Reimagined learning

Ditch the PowerPoints and paper-based training, VR is the closest experience to real-life, creating knowledge retention 65% better than e-learning.

VR gamification provides an engaging way to measure performance and assessment scores.

Cast in real-time how your employees identify hazards.

Hazard Detection

Our Working at Heights experience also includes an in-depth hazard detection module. Spot hazards that could cause serious injury or even death to both yourself or other workers in the experience, assess the risk and ensure that the correct control measures will be put in place.

100% risk free training

The power of VR makes it feel like you really are working up high, even though you’re actually working safely from the comfort of your chair. There’s no need to place yourself in a dangerous situation – a completely risk free approach to Working At Heights training.

Eye tracking technology

The Hazard Detection module in the experience also features eye tracking technology. While spotting hazards, the experience will be checking to see how long it takes for the hazard to be recognised, or if you’ll even recognise it at all.

Monthly Subscription Options

Please note prices are GST exclusive.

Single Experience

1 x VR Headset
1 x Virtual Learning Experience


Training Pack

1 x VR Headset
4 x Virtual Learning Experiences


Custom Design

Bespoke virtual training experiences
Full Design, development & Implementation



Kick off, nurturing and onboarding program | Full service support with Zendesk technical support | Oculus Quest headsets (per product) | Full analytics, research and regular data access | Unlimited use threshold (per headset)

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What other training experiences are available?

Confined Space Entry, Manual Handling, Working at Heights, Hazard Spotting, Excavator Operations (including loading and unloading from a trailer), and Hazard and Risk Management. We can also create inductions custom to your business and other bespoke experiences, contact us for pricing.

Is VR just for young people?

Interestingly, we found by the third VR experience, regardless of age, all groups had gained the same amount of competency in using VR. Younger generations may be faster to initially pick up the coordination and techniques required due to being exposed to gaming consoles and similar technology at a younger age but longer term, age was no barrier to successful VR training.

How long should I allow for a VR training experience?

The experiences themselves take 20-25 minutes to complete, from adjusting to the headset, to cleaning it afterwards. It is recommended to allow 45 minutes for the full process and experience.

How many experiences do I get in a month’s subscription?

The subscription price includes unlimited use. Based on the 45 minute per training recommendation, with a single headset, typically, you’d be able to conduct up to 8-10 experiences in a single day. That’s an opportunity for nearly 300 training experiences per month.

Are you locked-in for a minimum term?

All our subscriptions are month-to-month. Cancel any time.

I have my own headset. Is it compatible with your experiences?

Our experiences currently support Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. If your organisation uses a different headset, please contact us for custom build pricing options.

If I cancel, do I get to keep the headset?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you’ll need to return your headset within 7 working days in the pre-paid post bag provided.

How long does take for my VR package to arrive?

From the time of payment, please allow 8-10 days for shipping. If you have your own headset, we can deploy the training for you remotely within 1-2 working days.

If I purchase a single product, can I later upgrade to a bundle?

Yes, this can all be deployed for you remotely.