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Train and induct your teams safely and cost-effectively with state of the art VR technology.

Virtual Reality Learning Experiences

Goleman NZQA Industry Training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure they get home safely. And now our training environment has been extended to include our Virtual Reality Learning Experience; to safely train and induct your employees using immersive, simulated training environments.

VR Learning Experiences, as listed on this page, are not NZQA accredited programmes of learning, qualifications or learning outcomes.

Exciting tech and a great tool to use for us moving forward. Training our nationwide teams with virtual reality is going to play a big role for us.

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Height Safety

In 2019 11% of workplace deaths in New Zealand were attributed to falls from heights, making this one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. Falling from heights injuries and deaths are avoidable with proper training and immersive experiences provided by Goleman Training. Get superior learning outcomes without the risk.

Confined Space

The leading cause of confined space entry fatalities is inadequate training. Of 670 confined space fatalities in the US, 217 of them were due to atmospheric hazards. Goleman’s VR training allows participants to take a hands on approach, ensuring a high degree of knowledge acquisition for confined space workers.

Site Induction

Goleman’s Site Induction VR Learning Experience is fully customisable thanks to our collection of off the shelf assets which includes all common workplace equipment. From Fire Exinguishers to First Aid Kits, our flagship Site Induction Learning Experience allows you to place equipment exactly where you want on site.

Manual Handling

Injuries relating to manual handling are amongst the most costly and common in the workplace, affecting the lives of people and the insurance costs of companies. Teaching people effective manual handling techniques in a safe VR environment allows companies to reduce risk and improve safety.

Excavator Safety

Excavators intermix with below ground infrastructure, people at ground level and electrical infrastructure often above eye view. Our VR module assists participants to complete pre-start safety checks, undertake and review pre-start and operating processes and ensure they operate equipment with an awareness of hazards.

Fire Safety

Keep your people fire ready with this 15-minute virtual reality experience that will hone their skills and protect your most valued assets. VR training is proven to increase knowledge retention and, ultimately, bring safety on site – discover the most immersive and engaging method of learning without being on site.

Chainsaw Safety

There is no better way to learn than on the tools, and a Goleman Training Safety VR Learning Experience delivers accelerated training, virtually and safely. Learners develop competency in general safety, operation and maintenance. Minimise the risk associated with chainsaw operation, on-demand, on-site and on budget.

Hazard Detection

High-level hazard identification is a critical safety skill we need as an absolute baseline in every workplace. Teaching our people to be effective identifiers of hazards assists greatly in reducing workplace incidents. VR training tests and re-tests people in all kinds of hazard identification scenarios, building their mind bank of awareness.

Insights Platform

VR experiences are the gateway to opening up new and richer veins of data and analytics, never seen before for organisations. The Insights Platform provides both a content management system for VR learning experiences and uses the data collected to generate analytics with insightful predictions for customers.

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Subscription Options

Please note prices are GST exclusive.

Single Experience

This subscription gives you access to one learning experience. Take productivity and safety to the next level at your workplace with our off-the-shelf VR training.

NZD$350 excl. GST

Unlimited Access

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the full learning experience library with new experiences being updated monthly – think of this as the Netflix subscription model.

NZD$950 excl. GST

Custom Design

Custom built VR experiences – design, development and implementation. Turn your training ideas into advanced technology that satisfies all your training and induction goals.

INCLUDING: Kick off, nurturing and onboarding program | Full service support with Zendesk technical support | Oculus Quest headsets (per product) |
Full analytics, research and regular data access | Unlimited use threshold (per headset)

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