Goleman Group Commerical Asset Maintenance
Specialist Cleaning Services

Commercial Asset Maintenance

Our vast experience in the building maintenance and construction industry provides us with access to the products and expertise required to undertake inspection, repair and construction works on almost every type of exterior building fabric or material. Goleman Group technicians hold approved contractor status from numerous world-renowned product suppliers and building authorities.

Our experienced technicians are trained, ticketed, and certified in their respective fields. This means our clients are serviced by specialist technicians that do the job right first time.

Building Maintenance & Construction Services Include:

Concrete Repair | Goleman

Concrete Repairs

Investigation and Assessment Reports

Concrete Repair and Remedial Solutions

Strategy Reports

Remedial Budgetary Figures and Estimations

Aggregate Mortar Repair

And Much More

Joint Sealant Application | Goleman

Leak Investigation & Repair

Abseil Leak Investigations

Forced Water Test

Endoscope Investigation

Roof and Gutter Penetration Inspection

Joint Sealant Application | Goleman

Sealant Application

Precast Panels

Floor Joints

Construction Sealants

Crack Injections and Epoxies

Stone and Concrete Sealing

Breathable Silicone Systems

Fire Stop Sealants

High Rise Glass Repair On Commercial Property | Goleman

High Rise Glazing

Cracked and Broken Glass

Hard to Access Glass


Frame Repair and Replacement

Glazing Rubbers and Seals

Hinges, Handles and Fittings

Concrete Injection | Goleman

Concrete Injection

Floor Slabs



In Situ Columns and Beams

Decorative Work

Injection by Rope Access

Injection in Confined Space

Smooth and Rough Cast Precast Panels

Roofing & Waterproofing

Roofing & Waterproofing

Metal Roofing

Butynol Roofing Membranes

Liquid Applied Membranes

Torch-on Membrane Waterproofing

Tanking Membranes

And Much More

Painting and Coatings | Goleman

Painting & Coatings

Commercial Painting

Rope Access Painting

Specialist Coatings

Graffiti Removal and Protection

Roof Coatings

And Much More

Bird Deterrent Systems For All Structures | Goleman

Bird Deterrent Systems

Bird Spikes

Bird Netting

Electrified Track

Bird Slides

Bird Wire

Goleman Group Engineered Access Systems

Height Safety Systems

Travel Restrictions Systems

Fall Arrest and Abseil Anchor Points

Non Slip


Ladder Systems

Height Safety Equipment

Site Safety Assessments


Goleman are approved applicators for:

Concrete plus

Goleman is a proud member of:

New Zealand Waterproofing Membrane Association
New Zealand Building Society
New Zealand Master Painters Association

Goleman accreditations include:

C4 systems approved operator
ISO 9001-2008