Specialist Cleaning Services in New Zealand
Specialist Cleaning Services In New Zealand

Commercial Building Wash Services

It’s human nature to judge people and businesses by their appearance, even though most won’t admit it. You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression and get the edge over your competition. You are more likely to attract more customers with a clean, contemporary looking building.

Show clients and customers you pay attention to detail by ensuring your building and windows are pristine, squeaky clean and well maintained. They are far more likely to choose you over a competitor with a building with a grimy exterior, even if the decision is not a conscious one. Exterior cleaning and grime removal which doubles the life of your paintwork as well. So save you money in the long run.

Coming to a clean, well-maintained workplace every day will also increase employee morale, by providing them with a fresh, positive environment to spend their day. An employee that is proud of their workplace is a productive one, so they will be likely to sell more and have better interactions with customers.

What We Do When Planning a Building Wash

Before we wash a structure, we always ask ourselves what are we trying to achieve. Every building is different and requires a different approach depending on a variety of factors such as the materials it is built from; the age of those materials and the type of contamination we are trying to remove.

Commercial Building Wash

Conserving Water While Washing Windows

Goleman Group has in their arsenal a unique pressure wash technology developed by Goleman engineers that uses only a fraction of the water used by standard water-blasters. A standard water-blaster will push through 15-20 litres per minute. Goleman’s Pressure Washer uses 2.5 -3 litres per minute, potentially saving hundreds of litres when washing windows.

Our Building Wash Methods:

Soft wash

Power wash

Pre-paint wash

Pigeon debris cleaning

Chemical treatments

Heritage cleaning

Acid cleaning

Moss, mould, and lichen treatments

Steam cleaning

Warm soap wash

Abseil building wash

Roof wash

High dusting

Stainless steel restoration

Silo & confined space cleaning

Ensure Your Building Appearance Matches Your Business