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Wind Farm Maintenance across New Zealand

Since 1993 Goleman Group has specialised in providing access solutions for difficult or unconventional locations throughout New Zealand. Contact Industrial Rigging Goleman Limited (a division of the Goleman Group) to talk with one of our highly qualified and experienced technicians to schedule maintenance at your Wind Farm.

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Innovative Services for Wind Farms

Wind power makes up a small but growing proportion of New Zealand’s electricity supply. And with an abundance of wind resources across the country, wind is an important source of electricity. Goleman Group’s trained technicians can help you maximise the potential of your Wind Farm. Using their knowledge and experience of height and specialised access, Goleman’s technicians can undertake necessary and regular maintenance work at your Wind Farm in New Zealand.

Goleman Group’s Wind Farm Work Includes:

NDT blade and structure inspections

Coating application

Degreasing and cleaning

Corrosion control

Installation of height access systems

Why Wind Farm Maintenance?

Accessing Your Wind Farm for Maintenance

Because the electricity generated from New Zealand’s Wind Farms is an important source of power across the country, maintaining your Wind Farm is crucial. Keeping your Wind Farm in optimum working condition is also the best way to prevent more major work being necessary in the future.

Our Wind Farm maintenance work is designed to keep your wind turbines in consistent working order. This work involves lubricating moving parts (such as gearboxes and bearings), checking connections within the system, and resolving issues that may develop over time – which is why we recommend scheduling regular maintenance work at your Wind Farm.

Goleman Group’s abseil technicians specialise in rope access to clean and maintain difficult to reach locations across New Zealand. No job is too big or too difficult to access for our team. Our technicians have an in-depth understanding of workplace safety and compliance, making Goleman the leading supplier of height safety and fall protection solutions across New Zealand’s commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Whilst you can call on Goleman Group when you have necessary and urgent work to be carried out at your Wind Farm, we recommend regular inspections and at-height servicing such as;  blade repairs, warranty checks, mechanical services, as well as tower cleaning, and coating repairs. Each of these services plays a vital role in keeping your Wind Farm fully operational and optimised.

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Blade repairs, warranty checks, mechanical services, tower cleaning, and coating repairs. We’ve got your maintenance covered.

Why Choose Goleman for Wind Farm Maintenance in New Zealand?


Goleman Group has over 30 years experience of working on large scale, heavy duty projects, very often located out of the major towns and cities. Our in-depth understanding of Wind Farm maintenance and working at height means you can rely on Goleman to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.


Goleman Group technicians are known for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets. We always arrive on time and work efficiently and effectively to get the job done. Due to the nature of our Wind Farm work our technicians regularly travel to remote locations.


The industrial rigging industry is ever-changing. At Goleman we take pride in staying up to date about Wind Farm technology and innovations in maintenance techniques. Additionally, all technicians are qualified and certified to work at height, so they can safely deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Certified trained professionals

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Goleman’s Wind Farm maintenance team takes great pride in delivering innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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