Guardrail & Walkway Systems

Rooftop Guardrail & Walkway Systems are an effective solution to protect workers, equipment and the roof itself.

Guardrail & Walkway Systems for permanent controlled rooftop access

Guardrail and Walkway Systems, manufactured by Kattsafe and installed by Goleman Group’s Certified Kattsafe Installers, offer the highest level of safety for employees and contractors working on rooftops.

A commercial building’s roof can be a dangerous place for anyone needing access to it. As a commercial building owner, or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone accessing or working on your property’s roof. Guardrail and Walkway Systems, installed by the professionals at Goleman Group, are an effective solution to protect employees, building owners, equipment and the roof itself.

Guardrails & Walkways keep workers safe in many environments including:

Construction sites

Commercial & industrial buildings


Any workplace with an accessible rooftop

“Goleman has repeatedly provided effective and timely solutions … across our portfolio. Their expertise, responsiveness and workmanship provide us with us with confidence that all jobs will be completed to a high standard.”

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What are Guardrail Systems?

Guardrails keep workers safe when building, conducting repairs or carrying out routine maintenance on a roof. They are a reliable means of fall protection because they act as a visible and physical barrier to help prevent falls from heights or between levels.

When installing roof safety Guardrail Systems Goleman Group ensures that the system installed is ‘fit for purpose’ and compliant with New Zealand working at heights requirements. You can trust Goleman Group to provide you with a solution that offers the safest working environment possible for anyone working on the roof of your commercial building.

Aluminium Guardrails and Walkways

What are Walkway Systems?

Roof Walkway Systems provide permanent and controlled access for anyone working on your building’s rooftop. A rooftop walkway offers a secure and sturdy way for workers to navigate the roof, in all weather conditions, whilst also protecting the roof from possible damage due to equipment and foot traffic.

Goleman Group will recommend the correct Walkway System for your requirements and correctly install it according to the manufacturer’s requirements. You can trust that a Walkway System installed by Goleman Group will keep your workers at height safe and your workplace compliant, whilst also protecting your roof from possible damage.

Aluminium Walkways

Provide a continuous and effective barrier protection on your building

For permanent and controlled access, guardrails and walkways offer the highest level of safety for employees and contractors working at heights.

Simple and quick on-site installation

Prefabricated, modular and maintenance free

Cost effective and non corrosive roof deck protection

No fall arrest PPE or harness required

Guardrail & Walkway products

Our roof access Guardrails & Walkways are manufactured with high-grade aluminum for application on any roof surface, with permanent or fold down options to suit the aesthetic requirements.

The On-Trak Fibre Walkway System is a versatile walkway and roof deck protection system which provides safe designated access to plant and equipment as well as over brittle and other fall risk surfaces. Easy and quick to install.

The Pace600 Aluminium Walkway is a lightweight, non-corrosive walkway which provides safe designated access to plant and equipment as well as over surfaces such as roof lights, asbestos and roof decking.

A proprietary designed and engineered system providing the highest level of safety when working at heights. Quick and easy to install the system features multiple configurations to suit application.

Watch this video for a guide to selecting ladders, steps and stairs for your commercial building. Contact Goleman Group for our specialist help in choosing the right system for your building and for compliance with New Zealand height safety regulations.

FREE Guardrail & Walkway System design service

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Why Choose Goleman for Guardrail & Walkway Systems in New Zealand?


Goleman Group has over 30 years experience of working at heights on some of New Zealand’s most challenging buildings. Our in-depth understanding of Guardrail and Walkway Systems for commercial and industrial properties means you can rely on Goleman Group to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.


Goleman Group clients count on us to help them keep anyone working on, or accessing, their rooftop safe. We’re known for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets. Goleman Group technicians always arrive on time and work efficiently and effectively to get the job done.


The Engineered Access industry is ever-changing. At Goleman Group we take pride in staying up to date about new Guardrail and Walkway Systems, height safety regulations and installation requirements, so we can deliver the best and most cost-effective access solutions to our customers.

Goleman is New Zealand’s No. 1 Installer of Kattsafe Guardrail & Walkway Systems

Designers & Installers

As Certified Kattsafe installers, we don’t just install Kattsafe Guardrail & Walkway Systems, we design solutions with them. And we help you correctly operate the systems we install by providing manuals, documentation and videos detailing safe use. We’re proud to partner with Kattsafe to help keep you and your workers safe and protected from litigation. We share Kattsafe’s core values of care, trust, leadership and agility.

Why Kattsafe?

Kattsafe have become leaders in height safety by offering products that are effective, compliant and reliable. We share their focus on ‘solution design’ as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ products. Kattsafe works with architects, builders, OHS officers, building managers, height safety installers and system users, to design height safety and fall protection products we’re proud to recommend.

Need Guardrail & Walkway Systems for your building?

Goleman’s Engineered Access Systems can be customised to suit your needs. Talk to us about your requirements today.

“Our key factors for choosing to work with Goleman is their in-depth product and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd with solutions within the means of our budget.”