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Utilising the latest sealant technologies and products on the market, Goleman’s Joint Sealant Application Technicians are fully certified and experienced. We offer joint sealant application for commercial buildings including new builds, retrofits and for the sealing of porous stone using breathable silicones.

If you own a commercial property, you’ll already be aware of the importance of routine exterior maintenance. One key element of this is the application of joint sealant. But there’s more to sealing joints than simply filling gaps. Goleman Group utilises the latest sealant technologies and products on the market. And we have strong relationships with leading suppliers who assist our technicians and our clients with the correct specifications and product warranties.

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Goleman Joint Sealant Application Services Include:

Precast panels

Floor joints

Construction sealants

Crack injections and epoxies

Stone and concrete sealing

Breathable silicone systems

Firestop sealants

Joint Sealant Application for Commercial Buildings

Improper Joint Sealing may result in long-term issues including draft, water ingress and moisture issues which could lead to mould. Each of these problems can affect your commercial building’s structural integrity.

Goleman Group are New Zealand’s specialists in height access and commercial property maintenance. Our technicians are highly trained to access difficult locations using abseil and rope access, access machines and scaffolding. Using specialised equipment, products and techniques we’re able to effectively and safely apply joint sealants to even the most challenging buildings.

All Goleman employees hold working at heights and fall arrest qualifications, undertaking three-monthly refresher training. Our expertise and professionalism means you can have total confidence in our ability to safely carry out any of your joint sealant application work.

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Routine exterior maintenance is key extending your building’s life and helping to prevent more costly repairs later.

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Why choose Goleman for Joint Sealant Application?


Hiring Goleman’s team of experienced and certified joint sealing specialists will give you the confidence that the right sealant is being properly applied in order to protect your valuable commercial asset against water leaks, insect infestation and other costly damage that can occur with the incorrect application of joint sealant.


Our clients count on us to carry out all commercial and industrial property maintenance work and repairs in a timely and effective manner. We’re known throughout New Zealand for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets.


The joint sealant industry is ever-evolving. At Goleman we take pride in staying up to date about new technologies and products that allow us to deliver the best and most cost effective solutions to our customers and long term results that they can depend upon.

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