Industrial Rigging

Industrial Rigging Goleman Limited specialises in large scale heavy duty projects generally located out of the major cities and towns and often carried out in rough terrain and difficult to access locations.

Due to the nature of the large contracts we carry out we are often reliant on our inner city technicians and we regularly draw on their skills and expertise.

Goleman Industrial Rigging Services Include:

Geotechnical Services and Rope Access Skills | Goleman

Geotechnical Services & Rope Access Skills

Cliff face inspections
Rock stabilisation and scaling
And more
Corrosion Control and Specialised Coatings | Goleman

Corrosion Control & Specialised Coatings

Industrial Rigging’s removal and treatment of heavy rusting and corrosion from all types of steel structures goes hand in hand with providing superior coating systems to protect the structure for the coming years.
Wind Farm Construction and Maintenance | Goleman

Wind Farm Construction & Maintenance

NDT blade and structure inspections
Degreasing and cleaning
Access systems
Corrosion control