High Level Internal Cleaning

Goleman Group are New Zealand’s specialists in commercial high level internal cleaning for those hard to access areas.

Helping you to Clean & Maintain your Commercial Property

Business owners and property managers throughout New Zealand call on Goleman for help maintaining their commercial and industrial assets. Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin or anywhere in between, our trained technicians can help you with all of your high level internal cleaning requirements.

Goleman Group is fully licensed and insured to carry out your high level dusting and cleaning. Whilst most cleaning companies are not trained to clean anything above ground level, Goleman cleaners are able to reach internal areas of a building that other cleaners cannot. For removal of bird waste, vacuuming of dust from internal atrium beams, construction cleans, internal wall cleaning and more, you can trust Goleman to clean hard to reach areas of your commercial property.

Experience You Can Trust

Goleman group is known for its professionalism, expertise and efficient completion of projects, whilst ensuring high quality work. Over 30 years of experience gives our clients confidence in our ability to help them maintain and protect their commercial assets in New Zealand.

And when it comes to high level internal cleaning you can trust Goleman to help you maintain a healthy environment for anyone working in or visiting your industrial or commercial building.

Goleman have done a terrific job getting our buildings back up to a clean standard they haven’t been in years – and maintaining them to that standard. All historic buildings have been cleaned effectively and brought back to a beautiful standard, without any damage to the building themselves – no mean feat. They also run reports on each clean – so they report to us any damage or issues on buildings that we need to deal with. It’s great to have eyes on the ground.

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The Benefits of High Level Internal Cleaning

Dust, dirt and bird waste has a habit of settling into the most hard to reach areas that typical cleaning crews can’t reach. Goleman Group are specialists in high level internal cleaning projects for those hard to access areas such as; internal roof spaces, roof support structures, purlins, beams, pipes, lights, fans and any other horizontal surfaces above ground level.

Like all asset maintenance, high level dusting and cleaning is one of the ways you protect your commercial building and prevent more costly repairs and replacement at a later date. It’s also how you ensure your fans, air ducts etc. are working at their optimal levels. But there is another equally important reason for engaging a reputable company to carry out high level internal cleaning at your premises.

As a commercial building owner you have a duty of care to manage dust and dirt build up to protect anyone working in or visiting your property. Dust inhalation is a health hazard and even more so for those who suffer from allergies. High level dusting and cleaning will improve the indoor air quality of your commercial spaces.

And of course a clean working environment is appreciated by everyone and helps to make a great first impression on anyone visiting your commercial premises.

Our High Level Dusting & Cleaning Service Includes:

On-site Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Trained and qualified access technicians

Trained and qualified cleaning technicians

Tools and equipment

Areas of High Level Internal Cleaning Include:

Structural support



Window sills and reveals

Air vents and ducts

Exhaust fans

Recessed and pendant lighting

Ceiling tiles

Water pipes

Construction cleans

And any surface or fixture above ground level

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Why Choose Goleman for High Level Internal Cleaning in New Zealand?


We’re proud to have worked on some of New Zealand’s most iconic and challenging buildings. Our expertise in working at heights and carrying out asset maintenance work means we’re able to ensure quality workmanship and efficient execution of high level cleaning for commercial and industrial buildings in New Zealand.


Our clients count on us to resolve dust and dirt issues in a timely and effective manner. We’re known for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets.


The asset maintenance and cleaning industry is ever-changing. At Goleman we take pride in staying up to date about the new products and techniques that allow us to deliver the best and most cost-effective high level dusting and cleaning solutions to our customers.

Certified trained professionals

Let Goleman do it right the first time.

Goleman’s commercial asset care team takes great pride in providing a reliable, efficient and cost-effective high level dusting and cleaning service that delivers great value to our customers.

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Goleman continue to exceed my expectations with the level of care, their flexibility, their workmanship and their dedication to continually providing outstanding client care. I readily recommend their services.

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