Fixed Rung Ladders

Safe, cost effective access to elevated areas.

Goleman Group is New Zealand’s No. 1 Installer Of Kattsafe Access, Fall Protection & Height Safety Systems.

Goleman Group recommends and installs the Katt Fixed Rung Ladder System by Kattsafe for safe and effective access to rooftops, ceiling spaces and other elevated areas for the purposes of maintenance and other building work*.

*A proprietary fall protection enclosure cage or Arresta Vertical Line Fall Arrest System must be incorporated for user safety depending on height and application.

“Goleman has repeatedly provided effective and timely solutions … across our portfolio. Their expertise, responsiveness and workmanship provide us with us with confidence that all jobs will be completed to a high standard.”

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Katt Fixed Rung Ladder Systems by Kattsafe

The Katt Fixed Rung Ladder System, installed by Goleman, ensures you fulfill your obligation to provide safe access for anyone working from your building’s rooftop, ceiling or other elevated areas.

The proprietary fall protection modular system has multiple ladder system configurations which can incorporate enclosed cages or ladder fall arrest systems, depending on ladder height and application.

A unique feature of the Katt Fixed Rung Ladders is the profiled rung, which offers increased operator confidence. The ladder rung is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort whilst achieving a compliant slip resistance factor. And, it’s robotically welded to ensure consistent and quality connection to the ladder stile, providing maintenance personnel, building managers, architects and builders easy and safe access to any of your elevated areas.

Key Features of the Katt Fixed Rung Ladder System:

18 multiple ladder system configurations designed for any situation

Safe, cost effective access – industrial rated

Lightweight, robust aluminium construction

Robotically welded for precision perfect finishes

Neat, compact and user friendly design

Modular componentry for easy on site delivery and assembly

10 year warranty

Third party tested to NZS/AS 1657:1992 - Standards New Zealand

Mini Access Ladder with Angled Handrails


Mini Ladder with Grabrails and Landing

Angled Cage Ladder


Angled Cage Ladder with 2.4M Adjustable Walkway

Angled Cage Ladder with Change of Direction Platform


Angled Cage Ladder with Change of Direction Platform

Vertical Line Ladder


Vertical Line Ladder with 2.4M Adjustable Walkway

FREE Fixed Rung Ladder System design service

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Why Choose Goleman to Install your Fixed Rung Ladder System?


Goleman Group’s intimate understanding of workplace safety and compliance has established the organisation as the leader of height safety and fall protection solutions across New Zealand’s commercial, industrial and residential markets.


When it comes to any of your Engineered Access, Fall Protection and Height Safety Systems, it’s important to work with experienced and certified installers like Goleman Group. Working with our experienced technicians will ensure your fixed rung ladder system is installed correctly and all New Zealand safety standards are met.

Solution Design

We share Kattsafe’s focus on ‘solution design’ as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ products. We work alongside the architect, the engineer, the client and the end user to design systems that are practical to use, aesthetically pleasing, and that meet or exceed all legislative requirements.

Katt Fixed Rung Ladder videos

Ladder cage and vertical line fall arrest systems provide confidence and safety for users when climbing ladders. Watch these videos for valuable product, industry and educational information.

Need Access To Elevated Areas for Maintenance?

Goleman Group are New Zealand’s #1 installer of the Kattsafe Fixed Rung Ladder System.

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“Our key factors for choosing to work with Goleman is their in-depth product and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd with solutions within the means of our budget.”