Specialised Access New Zealand

Goleman Group specialises in providing access solutions for difficult or unconventional locations nationwide.

Specialised Access New Zealand

Specialised access solutions for unconventional or difficult locations

Goleman Group technicians are highly trained to safely reach difficult locations using rope access, access machines, scaffolding. We own the equipment we use, including 30 metre reach articulated boom trucks, and regularly inspect it all to ensure our strict safety protocols are exceeded at all times.

“Your personal commitment to assisting us with our day to day facilities requirements exceeds our expectations. Year after year our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your crew which has proven to be a trusted resource and partner in providing a dedicated service for us and our clients alike.”

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Abseil & Rope Access

Abseil or rope access is the primary means of access for Goleman technicians. Safety is paramount and every Goleman technician holds, or is working towards, their NZ Certificate in industrial rope access.

Access Machinery

Our team use highly specialised access machinery and equipment in their daily work. All Goleman operators undertake comprehensive training and hold both HT licences and NZQA EWP operator training.

Aid Climbing

Difficult to access structures including bridges, lattice towers and cell phone antennae are no problem for Goleman’s aid climbing technicians who hold New Zealand and international qualifications.

Confined Space

Specialised training and equipment enables experienced Goleman technicians to work safely in potentially hazardous confined spaces such as silos, tanks and wall spaces.

Working at Heights

Goleman takes all necessary steps to ensure a safe working environment. Goleman technicians hold NZQA qualifications for working at heights and undertake regular refresher training.

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Goleman Group specialises in difficult and unconventional access solutions. Talk to us about your requirements today.

“Goleman continue to exceed my expectations with the level of care, their flexibility, their workmanship and their dedication to continually providing outstanding client care. I readily recommend their services.”

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