Site Safety Assessments

Book a Site Safety Assessment with Goleman to comply with all NZ standards, and protect the lives of workers accessing the roof of your commercial building.

Helping you to Protect the Lives of the People Working on your Commercial Assets.

Rooftops require all sorts of routine maintenance, from cleaning gutters through to maintaining plant and equipment located on the roof. As a Building Owner or Manager you have a legal responsibility to protect the lives of anyone needing to access your building’s roof for cleaning, maintenance and repairs. This means complying with all New Zealand Standards, Codes and Regulations relating to Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection, Fall Prevention, Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest.​

At Goleman Group we can help you to keep workers safe and your building compliant with our Site Safety Assessment service and Engineered Access Systems.

“Goleman has repeatedly provided effective and timely solutions … across our portfolio. Their expertise, responsiveness and workmanship provide us with us with confidence that all jobs will be completed to a high standard.”

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Professional Help Identifying all Roof Hazards & Potential Roof Hazards

Comprehensive report identifying all roof hazards

When you book a Site Safety Assessment with Goleman your roof will be inspected and evaluated for safety and potential hazards will be identified.

Upon completion of the inspection, the assessment officer will prepare a written report, accompanied by photographs, and a heat map clearly identifying any areas of concern identified. You will also receive an action plan with any recommendations. Pricing for any recommended work will be provided if requested.

Our Site Safety Assessment Process

Goleman Group installs and certifies a complete range of Height Safety, Roof Access and Roof Safety Systems, on both new and existing buildings. We are trusted throughout New Zealand by building owners and managers to deliver height safety solutions that keep workers safe.

As part of our commitment to height safety Goleman Group also offers a Site Safety Assessment service. Booking a Site Safety Assessment with Goleman will help you to identify any areas that you need to address to ensure your height safety, roof access and roof safety systems and equipment meet safety standards.

Goleman Forms

At Goleman your experience of working with us matters and consistency of outcome is essential. That’s why we created Goleman Forms.

Goleman Forms is our very own web based document template creator and control centre, connecting our team with the right form for every occasion – including Site Safety Assessments.

Why we use Goleman Forms for Site Safety Assessments:

Goleman Forms is an easy to use, mobile friendly, digital platform – our staff can access it from anywhere at any time!

Forms are saved centrally ‘to the cloud’ giving location managers access to the reports live and in ‘real time’.

A streamlined and efficient approach ensures our team spends less time finding, filling in and filing forms, reducing costs for you.

Consistency across our nationwide company, sectors and teams.

Accountability of our team.

Book a Site Safety Assessment Today.

Booking a Site Safety Assessment with Goleman will help you to identify any areas that you need to address to ensure your height safety, roof access and roof safety systems and equipment meet safety standards.

Why Choose Goleman for Site Safety in New Zealand?


Goleman is well known and respected throughout New Zealand as leaders in the Height Safety industry. Our expertise in working at heights and installing height safety solutions makes Goleman the natural choice for assessing the safety of your roof.


Our clients count on us to help them keep anyone working on, or visiting, their commercial asset safe. We’re known for delivering on our mission to provide the best height and safety solutions to improve the lives of our customers, whilst protecting their assets.


The height safety industry is ever-changing. At Goleman we take pride in staying up to date about new engineered access solutions for roofs, so we can deliver the best and most cost-effective height safety solutions to our customers.

Book a Site Safety Assessment with Goleman

Contact us for a comprehensive report identifying all hazards on the roof of your commercial building.

“Our key factors for choosing to work with Goleman is their in-depth product and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd with solutions within the means of our budget.”