Raptor Rail System

The Rigid Rail fall arrest system provides effortless mobility for multiple operaters above an elevated work zone.

Goleman is New Zealand’s No. 1 Installer Of Kattsafe Raptor Rigid Rail Systems.

The Raptor Overhead Rail is a proprietary fall arrest and rope access system suitable for multiple users. The overhead rail is a rigid system providing continuous and effective fall protection and/or work positioning systems.

Ideal applications for the Raptor Rigid Rail would be fall protection above work areas, under canopies and facades, for general maintenance and cleaning requirements. The system incorporates high quality engineered components designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. It’s the ideal solution when multiple operators need to work together to clean and maintain hard to access areas.

“Goleman has repeatedly provided effective and timely solutions … across our portfolio. Their expertise, responsiveness and workmanship provide us with us with confidence that all jobs will be completed to a high standard.”

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Raptor Rigid Rail Systems by Kattsafe

The Raptor Rail, installed by Goleman and manufactured by Kattsafe in Australia, is made with high-grade aluminium and stainless steel components. The system delivers safe rope access and effective fall protection for commercial and industrial applications – which means you can depend on the Raptor Rigid Rail System to keep anyone working at heights on your commercial premises safe.

A unique feature of the Raptor Rigid Rail System is its Fall Arrest Trolley designed for effortless mobility. Lateral stabilising bearings allow the trolley to function normally when angled or where side loading is required, providing unlimited flexibility for positioning the rail to best suit the application and importantly, the safety of the technician.

Key Features of Raptor Rigid Rail Systems:

Uninterrupted, smooth functionality using proprietary sealed bearing trolley system.

Minimal deflection of rail, minimising fall distance and injury to operator.

Able to support up to four users due to its rigid, engineered system.

A retractable lanyard allows operator to move freely whilst ensuring lanyard remains tensioned.

Up to six metre span between structural supports.

Easily extended should additional length be required.

Raptor Rail System Details

Safely Installed by Stay Safe Systems

Committed to safety

Stay Safe Systems, a member of the Goleman Group, design, install and certify height safety systems on a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings. And we help you correctly operate the systems we install by providing manuals, documentation and videos detailing safe use. As Kattsafe installers, we don’t just install the products we recommend, we are also committed to Kattsafe’s five key values: care, trust, leadership, innovation and agility.

Inspection & Recertification

We also offer inspection for recertification of Height Safety and Fall Arrest Systems. All of our inspectors hold the appropriate NZ unit standards and certificates of inspection are issued with all compliant products.

FREE Raptor Rail System design service

Contact Goleman Group to learn more about our free height safety solution design service. Working with the architect, the engineer, the client and the end user we design innovative and practical systems that meet all legislative requirements.

Why Choose Goleman to Install your Raptor Rigid Rail System?


Goleman Group’s intimate understanding of workplace safety and compliance has established the organisation as the leader of height safety and fall protection solutions across New Zealand’s commercial, industrial and residential markets.


When it comes to any of your Engineered Access, Fall Protection and Height Safety Systems, it’s important to work with experienced and certified installers like Goleman Group. Working with our technicians will ensure your Raptor Rail is installed correctly and that all New Zealand safety standards are met.

Solution Design

We share Kattsafe’s focus on ‘solution design’ as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ products. We work alongside the architect, the engineer, the client and the end user to design and install innovative systems that are practical to use, aesthetically pleasing, and that meet or exceed all legislative requirements.

RAPTOR Overhead Rail videos

Although Static Lines are an effective means of fall prevention, when used in overhead applications RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems offer definite benefits. Watch these videos for valuable product and industry information, and learn why you should choose RAPTOR instead of overhead static lines.

Need Safe Access To Elevated Areas For Maintenance?

Goleman Group are New Zealand’s #1 installer of Kattsafe Raptor Rigid Rail Systems.

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“Our key factors for choosing to work with Goleman is their in-depth product and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd with solutions within the means of our budget.”