Raptor Rail

Overhead Rail Fall Arrest System For Multiple Users

Raptor Overhead Rail is a proprietary fall arrest and rope access system suitable for multiple users. The overhead rail is a rigid system providing continuous and effective fall protection and/or work positioning systems.

Ideal applications for Raptor Rail would be fall protection above work areas, under canopies and facades, for general maintenance and cleaning requirements. The system incorporates high quality engineered components designed for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Uninterrupted, smooth functionality using proprietary sealed bearing trolley system.

Minimal deflection of rail, minimising fall distance and injury to operator.

Increased number of users per rail system due to rigid, engineered system.

Reduced support structure required due to load spanning capabilities.

Easily extended should additional length be required.

raptor Rail Details

RAPTOR Overhead Rail videos

Although Static Lines are an effective means of fall prevention, when using in overhead applications RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems offer definite benefits. Watch these videos for valuable product and industry information, and learn why you should choose RAPTOR instead of overhead static lines.