Corrosion Control & Specialised Coatings

Hire Goleman’s leading corrosion control experts to take care of rust on steel structures with removal techniques and superior coating systems.

Corrosion Control & Specialised Coatings across New Zealand

Removal of heavy rusting and corrosion from all types of steel structures and the application of superior coating systems to protect the integrity of your building for years to come.

Steel is a very strong and durable construction material. However, its solid properties and strength will not protect it from corrosion and rust caused by exposure to the environment. Industrial Rigging Goleman Limited specialises in large scale heavy duty projects generally located out of the major cities and towns and often carried out in rough terrain and difficult to access locations.

Goleman has a proven record of corrosion control and coating application around New Zealand. Our team is yet to work on a structure they can’t bring back to life.

“Your personal commitment to assisting us with our day to day facilities requirements exceeds our expectations. Year after year our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your crew which has proven to be a trusted resource and partner in providing a dedicated service for us and our clients alike.”

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Commercial & Industrial Corrosion and Rust Removal

Corrosion is the process by which metals and non-metals deteriorate as a result of oxidation. Rusting is oxidation of iron in the presence of air and moisture. Corrosion can occur on materials such as ceramics or polymers. Rusting occurs on surfaces of iron and its alloys. Both can breach the strength and durability of the materials used in the construction of commercial and industrial property.

Commercial & Industrial Specialised Coating Services

Specialised anti-corrosion coatings act as a barrier between a metal and its environment and protects steel surfaces from rust, corrosion, and other contaminating substances, including moisture, oxidation, and a wide range of environmental factors.

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Corrosion Control & Specialised Coatings for Commercial & Industrial Structures

Goleman’s experience in the building maintenance and construction industry provides access to the products and expertise to undertake inspection, repair and management of most assets. As specialists in working at heights you can count on Goleman to effectively restore and protect your assets in even the hardest to access areas and harshest climates.

All Goleman Group technicians have working at heights and fall arrest qualifications. Our team also undertakes regular refresher training. When you work with Goleman Group you can rely on our expertise and professionalism and have total confidence in our ability to safely work on your building.

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The removal of rust and corrosion along with the application of specialised coatings is a smart investment in the strength, durability and aesthetics of your commercial and industrial assets.

Why choose Goleman for Corrosion Control & Specialised Coatings?


Founded in 1993, Goleman Group leads the New Zealand market with innovative solutions to repair and restore steel structures. We service all of New Zealand including locations outside of the major cities.


Goleman Group technicians pride themselves on ‘doing it right the first time’. You can count on us to always be honest, transparent and proactive; offering the best and most cost effective solutions for our client’s needs.


Goleman Group’s qualified technicians have the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to deliver quality workmanship whilst adhering to our strict safe work practices. Our technicians will effectively and safely remove rust and corrosion from your building.

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With little disruption to your business our trained technicians can help you to maintain and protect your commercial assets for years to come.

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