Aid Climbing

Let Goleman’s Aid Climbing specialists service your hard to access bridges, lattice towers, cell phone antenna & more with an adept and quick team of experts.

New Zealand’s specialists in Aid Climbing

Difficult to access structures including bridges, lattice towers, cell phone antennas and more are no problem for Goleman Group’s aid climbing technicians. Call on Goleman’s experienced and qualified team when you have work requiring the set up of a safe to use and fit for purpose system for assisted climbing.

All Goleman Group aid climbing technicians hold appropriate New Zealand & international qualifications including:

Working Safely at Heights

Elevated Work Platform
Confined Space
– Permit Issuer
– Permit Receiver

Your personal commitment to assisting us with our day to day facilities requirements exceeds our expectations. Year after year our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your crew which has proven to be a trusted resource and partner in providing a dedicated service for us and our clients alike.

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What is Rigging & Rope Access Work?

An industrial rigging and rope access system is a work positioning system used for gaining access to, and working at, a workface. Rope assisted climbing is where a technician uses ropework to gain access to locations and structures without the use of scaffolding, cranes or work platforms. Riggers and rope workers are highly skilled at working effectively in a vertical environment and lifting and moving loads.

Goleman’s experienced riggers will set up technical systems to allow safe access up the structure and more importantly, quick access off the structure in the event of an emergency. Often it can take many specialised devices and a lot of rigging equipment to set up a safe system – which is why it’s important to only work with qualified and experienced aid climbing specialists like the Goleman team.

Whether you require rigging or rope work at an industrial site, commercial structure or natural terrain, we can assist you with all of your rigging and load maneuvering requirements in a safe and efficient manner.

Why choose Goleman for Specialised Access work?


We’re proud to have worked on some of New Zealand’s most challenging structures. Our expertise in working at heights and confined spaces, and at unconventional locations, means we’re able to ensure quality workmanship when completing work requiring specialised access.


Our clients count on us to help them protect their valuable commercial assets. We complete all work in a timely and effective manner. Goleman Group is known for delivering on its mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets.


Goleman Group operates across New Zealand to provide difficult and unconventional access solutions. And we take safety and training seriously. Our technicians are trained and qualified in rigging, rope access, access machines, confined spaces, scaffold and more.

Certified trained professionals

Let Goleman Do It Right The First Time.

Goleman’s aid climbing team takes great pride in delivering innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Contact us to learn more about aid climbing, or to book a site visit.

“Goleman continue to exceed my expectations with the level of care, their flexibility, their workmanship and their dedication to continually providing outstanding client care. I readily recommend their services.”

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