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Goleman Group’s abseil technicians specialise in rope access to clean and maintain difficult to reach locations across New Zealand. No job is too big or too difficult to access for our team.

New Zealand’s specialists in abseil & rope access cleaning and maintenance

Goleman Group does the cleaning and maintenance work other companies can’t reach

Do you manage a commercial or high rise building in New Zealand? At Goleman Group our abseil technicians specialise in rope access to clean and maintain difficult to reach locations, without the use of costly scaffolding or swinging stages.

No job is too big for our team; our expert technicians hold both national and international rope access qualifications, and carry out three monthly competency refresher training sessions to ensure everyone’s safety.

All Goleman Group abseil technicians hold IRATA and NZQA qualifications as well as IRAANZ COC.

Your personal commitment to assisting us with our day to day facilities requirements exceeds our expectations. Year after year our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your crew which has proven to be a trusted resource and partner in providing a dedicated service for us and our clients alike.

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High rise property cleaning & maintenance

Goleman Group has over 30 years experience and knowledge in commercial asset cleaning and maintenance throughout New Zealand. Although you may not be able to see dirt, grime and damage when it’s ‘out of sight’, keeping your commercial assets clean and well maintained will help you to avoid costly repairs later. This is especially important for high rise buildings – once you see the damage, it may be too late, which could result in extensive and expensive repairs to your property.

And we all know first impressions count! Damage to your property, dirty facades and windows are all a ‘turn off’ to anyone visiting your building.

What is Abseil & Rope Access work exactly?

Abseil and rope access is a form of work positioning which enables workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or aerial platforms. Technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness. The support of the rope is intended to eliminate the likelihood of a fall altogether, but a back-up fall arrest system is used in case of the unlikely failure of the primary means of support.

Abseil and high rope access services have fast become a popular method for window cleaning, washing and pressure cleaning to maintain your building’s exterior.

Goleman Group has Abseiling & Rope Access contractors across New Zealand specialising in:

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If you’ve got a job ‘up high’ contact Goleman Group – our abseil and rope access technicians get a thrill out of helping you to maintain your assets.

Why choose Goleman for your Abseil & Rope Access work?


We’re proud to have worked on some of New Zealand’s most iconic and challenging buildings. Our expertise in working at heights and carrying out asset maintenance means we’re able to ensure quality workmanship when completing abseil and rope access jobs on commercial and industrial buildings.


Our clients count on us to help them protect their valuable commercial assets. We complete all work in a safe, timely and effective manner. Goleman Group is known for delivering on its mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets.


Goleman Group operates across New Zealand to provide difficult and unconventional access solutions. And we take safety and training seriously. Our technicians are trained and qualified in rope access, access machines, confined spaces, scaffold and more.

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With little disruption to your business our abseil and rope access technicians can help you to clean, maintain and protect your commercial assets.

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“Goleman continue to exceed my expectations with the level of care, their flexibility, their workmanship and their dedication to continually providing outstanding client care. I readily recommend their services.”

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