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Goleman Group offers a range of Geotechnical Services specialising in working at height and in rough terrain.

Expert Geotechnical Services across New Zealand

Since 1993 Goleman Group has specialised in providing access solutions for difficult or unconventional locations throughout New Zealand. Contact Industrial Rigging Goleman Limited (a division of the Goleman Group) to talk with one of our highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical technicians about your next project.

“Year after year our team has learned to depend on the flexibility of your crew which has proven to be a trusted resource and partner in providing a dedicated service for us and our clients alike.”

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Innovative Geotechnical Services

Goleman Group’s Geotechnical Services team has the expertise, technical knowledge and agility to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of industries operating across New Zealand. As experts at working at height and in hard to access areas, our technicians use specialist techniques in industrial rope access to deliver Geotechnical Services which are safe, effective and efficient.

Cliff face inspections

Drilling: pneumatic, hydraulic and 'down the hole' hammer

Soil and rock anchors

Rock stabilisation and scaling


Rock catching fences

Cliff anchors


Full support for engineers: photographic reports, guided access to site, on rope supervision and video diary of works

Do you need a Geotechnical Expert?

Goleman Group has an unrivaled approach to height safety in New Zealand, and an in depth understanding of how to use specialised and engineered access equipment for Geotechnical work. This, together with our years of trade experience working in all types of terrain, makes us the right partner for your next project.

Our Geotechnical Service team are capable of working on steep, vertical and overhanging cliffs and are skilled at working under pressure and where time is crucial (closed road, night shifts etc.). Additionally the team has experience operating a range of equipment including drills, compressors, rock breakers, chain saws and many other specialised tools in vertical and hard to access environments.

Why Choose Goleman for Geotechnical Services in New Zealand?


Goleman Group has over 30 years experience of working on large scale, heavy duty projects, generally located out of the major cities and towns. Our in-depth understanding of Geotechnical Services and working at height, means you can rely on Goleman  to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.


Goleman Group technicians are known for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets. We always arrive on time and work efficiently and effectively to get the job done. Due to the nature of our Geotechnical work our technicians regularly travel to remote locations.


The industrial rigging industry is ever-changing. At Goleman Group we take pride in staying up to date about Geotechnical Services and height and specialised access regulations. All our technicians are qualified and certified to carry out the work they’re hired to do, so they can safely deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Certified trained professionals

Let Goleman Do It Right The First Time.

Goleman’s Geotechnical Services team takes great pride in delivering innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Contact us to learn more about our Industrial Rigging Services, or to book a site visit.

“Goleman continue to exceed my expectations with the level of care, their flexibility, their workmanship and their dedication to continually providing outstanding client care. I readily recommend their services.”

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