Modular Ladder Systems

Provide Safe And Easy Access To Elevated Areas

Stay Safe ladder systems provide safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms.

Stay Safe Ladders unique precision and profile design ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personal.

Our Modular Ladder Features Include:

Prefabricated Modular Componentry Provides Easy On-site Assembly, No Welding Required.

Engineer Designed

Light Weight, High Strength Aluminum Construction Ensuring Low Maintenance And Neat Appearance.

Integrated Restraint System

Unique Rung Profile Design Makes The Ladder Comfortable And Easy To Use.

Customized Design

KATT Modular Ladder videos

Robust and lightweight, KATT modular rung ladders are robotically welded with high-grade aluminium for precision perfect finishes. Watch these videos for valuable product, industry and educational information.