Modular Ladder Systems

Goleman Group Modular Ladder Systems provide safe and easy access to elevated areas requiring maintenance.

Goleman Group recommends & installs Modular Ladder Systems by Kattsafe.

Modular Ladders provide safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. The unique precision and profile design of our Modular Ladder Systems ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personnel.

Business owners and property and business managers throughout New Zealand call on Goleman Group for help maintaining their commercial and industrial assets. Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin or anywhere in between, our custom designed height access systems keep people safe when they’re working at heights.

“Goleman has repeatedly provided effective and timely solutions … across our portfolio. Their expertise, responsiveness and workmanship provide us with us with confidence that all jobs will be completed to a high standard.”

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Modular Ladder Systems Save Lives

Modular Ladders installed by Goleman are a proprietary fall protection modular system designed to keep maintenance personnel safe when working at height. The system has various configurations, incorporating enclosed cages or ladder fall arrest systems depending on ladder height and application.

Ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort whilst achieving a compliant slip resistance factor. The ladder rung is robotically welded to ensure consistent and quality connection to the ladder stile.

Benefits & Features of Modular Ladder Systems Installed by Goleman:

Prefabricated modular componentry provides easy on-site assembly. No welding required.

Lightweight, high strength aluminum construction ensuring low maintenance and neat appearance.

Engineer designed

Integrated restraint system

Unique rung profile design makes the ladder comfortable and easy to use.

Customised design

FREE Modular Ladder System design service

Contact Goleman Group to learn more about our FREE height safety solution design.

Why Choose Goleman for Modular Ladder Systems in New Zealand?


Goleman Group technicians regularly work on New Zealand’s highest and most challenging buildings. The expertise we’ve gained over many years means we have in-depth knowledge of height safety equipment for industrial and commercial buildings. We’ll recommend the right solution for your requirements.


Our clients rely on us for the safety of anyone carrying out maintenance work on their commercial assets. Our experienced and highly trained technicians are known for delivering on our mission to provide the best solutions to improve the lives of our customers whilst protecting their assets.


The Engineered Access industry is ever-changing. At Goleman we take pride in staying up to date about innovation within the industry, including new Modular Ladder Systems, products and techniques. This is how we continue to deliver the best and most cost-effective height safety solutions to our customers.

Modular Ladder Videos

Watch these videos for valuable product, industry and educational information about Kattsafe’s Modular Ladder Systems installed by Goleman Group in New Zealand.

Need Access To Elevated Areas for Maintenance?

Goleman’s Modular Ladder Systems can be customised to suit your needs. Talk to us about your requirements today

“Our key factors for choosing to work with Goleman is their in-depth product and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd with solutions within the means of our budget.”