Health & Safety with Equipment, Materials & Chemicals.

At Goleman we see our commitment to health and safety not as something that needs to be done to meet regulations and standards, but as a culture that is lived, breathed, and believed, by every member of our team.


Goleman staff utilise specialist equipment in all aspects of their daily work, knowing how to use this equipment correctly and safely is extremely important.

All staff undertake comprehensive training and hold all applicable licences and qualifications. If a job requires specialist machinery or equipment that Goleman staff are unable to use, then an appropriate subcontractor will be called upon.


Goleman source their materials from the best known and most reputable suppliers within their industry.

Goleman have extremely strong relationships with their suppliers, involving them in every step of the job. We count on our suppliers to provide warrantees on the products we install and check our workmanship at every stage.

Correct application is key and Goleman staff follow all product specifications to the letter.


Goleman staff use chemicals every day over a wide variety of tasks, examples of this include the soap that is used to clean windows, the solvent that is used by our waterproofing team, or the adhesives that are used to fasten our chemical anchor points.

Knowing how to use these chemicals safely is of the upmost importance, as failure to do so may result in serious harm and injury.

When working with or around chemicals it is imperative that correct use, storage, and handling instructions are followed.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is made readily available and kept with the product, in the staff’s vehicle, and on all worksites.

Goleman staff undertake regular training with our suppliers, ensuring staff understand, the risks associated with the use of any chemical.

All Goleman staff have undergone first aid training and hold their first aid certificates, so that in the unlikely event of coming into contact with chemicals the correct first aid measures can immediately be actioned.

Prior to any work being undertaken our site specific Hazard Identification is completed, all correct chemical usage and first aid measures are recorded making any person entering the worksite aware of all potential hazards. Included in our hazard identification are the containment measures to be taken in the event of a spill.

As our environment is extremely important, Goleman ensures that the correct disposal and storage of all chemicals is upheld.

Clear instructions for the disposal and storage of chemicals are clearly displayed and have been included in our induction process and internal training.

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New Zealand Building Society

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