Working at Heights Safety

Goleman specialises in working safely at heights.

The majority of the work we undertake is considered “working at heights”. Whether it is abseiling from a high-rise building, or climbing a step ladder, the environment in which our team works has the potential to be extremely unforgiving; if the correct safety measures are not put into practice then there is the potential for serious harm and even death to occur.

For this reason Goleman takes all steps necessary to protect its employees and members of the public.

Regular scheduled training and skills assessment

Our training programme is comprehensive and meets all legislative requirements for working safely at heights, our internal staff trainers are experienced and have a comprehensive understanding of working at heights. Goleman staff must complete regular scheduled training to enable them to work.

Comprehensive induction process

Before new staff start work with Goleman they are expected to complete our company specific induction, this process sees all aspects of the Goleman way, including working safely at heights shared with the staff, this induction includes our training and skills assessment programme.

External training courses and refreshers

Additional to our internal Goleman training programme staff are expected to undertake specific working at heights and rope access training supplied by NZQA accredited training authorities. It is a base requirement for all Goleman staff that work at heights, or on the ropes, to hold their working at heights qualifications 15757, and either their IRANZ, or IRATA tickets.

Continual supervision & self auditing

Goleman staff continually self audit and supervise their work colleagues, prior to any height work being undertaken staff check each other’s equipment and safety setup, Goleman staff are encouraged to stop work if they believe our strong safety culture has not been adhered to.

Strict disciplinary policy & zero tolerance to breaches in our health and safety

Goleman take a zero tolerance to any breach in health and safety. We believe that all measures have been taken to create and continually improve our working safely at heights culture. If any member of the Goleman team chooses to breach health and safety protocols zero tolerance will be taken with all available disciplinary measures being actioned.

Regular drug and alcohol testing

Goleman do not tolerate any staff or manager being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regular drug and alcohol testing of all members of staff and management is carried out.

Encouragement, education, open discussion

Goleman promote open and honest communication amongst all members of the team, constructive criticism is welcome at all times. The forums we have for these discussions include our Monday morning debrief and discussion of the previous weeks work. Weekly meeting of our health and safety committee, the committee makes the decisions not the management. One to one meeting at any time a staff member requests.

At Goleman we asked ourselves what is worse, investing in and training a person that may leave? Or not investing in or training a person that stays? The answer is obvious, you cannot put a dollar value on safety!