Important Information

The information below is for all persons booking training and/or enrolling in courses and applies to all educational provision by Goleman Training.

Recommended Reading

New Zealand Best Practice Guidelines

Learning Support Resources

Pathways Awarua is a literacy and numeracy online learning platform, provided free to learners who register to use it. A lot of the learning activities use relevant workplace and health & safety contexts.

Entry Criteria

Attendees must have a reasonable level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA level 1. It is the responsibility of the attendee or person authorised and responsible for making the booking to disclose any English language support needs.

Most of our courses have learning activities and practical assessments that require a degree of physical fitness. Attendees must advise Goleman Training prior to the course of any medical or physical disabilities or conditions.

The New Zealand Certificate of Industrial Rope Access (L3) has a number of requisites. Please refer to the course information page or contact Goleman Training.


Goleman Training Ltd reserves the right to refuse to train any person who breaches any behaviour expectations, instruction, policies and procedures – including the use of PPE in adherence with HSWA 2015; any misconduct or breaks the law; and is deemed by the Company as unfit due to health reasons including but not limited to intoxication or behavioural issues.

Download Goleman Group Training Behaviour Expectations Policy.


Unit standard 23966 (Describe types of elevating work platforms (EWPs), and legislative requirements for their use) is a prerequisite to all/any EWP machine unit standards and must be complete prior to or concurrently.

Unit standard 23229 (Use safety harness system when working at height) is a prerequisite to unit standard 15757 (Use, install and disestablish temporary proprietary height safety systems when working at height) and must be complete prior to or concurrently.

The New Zealand Certificate of Industrial Rope Access (L3) has a number of requisites. Please refer to the course information page or contact Goleman Training.


Course assessments and moderation will be processed within 15 working days of course completion and all required paperwork is received accurate and complete. Upon successful completion, course certificates will be issued, and Goleman Advance cards sent.

NZQA unit standards will be reported after certificates are issued.

Where a learner is assessed ‘not yet competent’ or moderation actions are required, the learner will be contacted and informed of remedial requirements, procedures and timeframes.

Where a learner does not agree with an assessment result, the [download id=”27179″] and [download id=”27183″] applies.

If you require urgent results as evidence of competency to enter a work-site, you may make the request no later than the day of course completion, by contacting

NOTE – There is a fee of $40 + GST for the urgent results service.

Course Certificates and Goleman Advance Cards

Course Certificates and Goleman Advance Cards are issued upon successful completion of courses (per the Results section above). The Goleman Advance cards are wallet sized cards that record the card-owner’s name, training achieved and refresher due date, and provide proof of competency training.

Replacement cards can be requested by contacting .

NOTE – This service costs $20 + GST per card.

Training Locations

Goleman Training has a number of NZQA pre-approved training facilities nationally. If you require training at your site, you must complete a Client Site Attestation and Check-list. We use this information to ensure we meet our commitments to learner wellbeing and to Notify NZQA of a temporary site (as per Education and training Act 2020 and NZQA rules).

NOTE – NZQA has the authority to decline use of temporary sites.


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions


All learners have the right to appeal their results. Please see our Appeals Policy and Assessment Related Procedures (for Appeals) via the links below.

[download id=”27179″]

[download id=”27183″]


Goleman Training values all feedback, from our learners’, stakeholders’ and public alike, and invite you to send us your thoughts, questions or comments. Your feedback helps us improve all aspects of our operations.

Should you wish to make a complaint, please read our Complaints Policy and Procedure and use the Complaints and Concerns form via the link below.

[download id=”27187″]
[download id=”27190″]
[download id=”27193″]

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Goleman Training are dedicated to the wellbeing of our learners and staff. All persons at a Goleman Training facility or delivery site must comply with any health and safety instructions, policy or procedures, including but not limited to PPE. As well as behaviour expectations and professional conduct – this includes, but is not limited to respectful, non-discriminatory, dos-honesty or bullying behaviour. Failure to meet any of the above requirements may result in the person/s being required to leave (see also our Terms and Conditions ).