Exterior Cleaning Services In New Zealand.

Goleman’s commercial cleaning division carries out general and specialised exterior cleaning services, from window cleaning to stainless steel restoration. Our knowledge, skills and experience are extensive. We often work in the public eye and our reputation hinges on this integral part of the company.

We pride ourselves on added value and because we often work in areas that the property manager cannot see our team can report back on any damage that we may come across.

Goleman takes great pride in offering a Total Exterior Asset Care service to our clients.

Goleman Specialist Cleaning Services Include:

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Services in New Zealand | Goleman

Window Cleaning Services

Interior & Exterior
Hi-rise window cleaning using rope access & abseil
Low- rise window cleaning using extendible brushes or cherry pickers
Internal window cleaning of commercial offices
Specialised window cleaning tools for hard to access areas
Acid cleaning and stain removal
Access Machinery | Goleman

Building Wash Services

Soft wash
Power wash
Pre-paint wash
Pigeon debris cleaning
Chemical treatments
Heritage cleaning
Spouting Cleaning and Inspection | Goleman

Spouting Cleaning

Our teams’ specialised working at heights skills and rope access training provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that we will take all care as we attend to steep roofs and hard-to-access spouting. Supported by our suction truck, our teams have the ability to remove large amounts of debris from roofs and spouting, disposing of it in the correct, environmentally aware manner.
Silo Cleaning and Inspection | Goleman

Silo Cleaning

Cleaning of concrete silos dust and residue
Speciality grain silo and bin cleaning
Flour silo cleaning and descaling
Pet food (broll) silo descaling
Water tank entries
Stainless Steel Restoration | Goleman

Stainless Steel

Remove heavy salts and built up contaminants
Remove rust pitting and spots
Buff out heavy scratches
Remove graffiti
Extend the life of all stainless steel
High Rise Dusting and Cleaning | Goleman

High Dusting

Structural support cleaning
Window sills and reveals
Ducting and ventilation

Decontamination Cleaning

Police cell & vehicle cleaning
Residential decontamination cleaning
“Sharps” removal and disposal
Industrial hazardous material clean-up
Food production and machinery cleaning
Stain Removal For Glass and Tiles | Goleman

Stain Removal For Glass and Tiles

Rust staining
Salt Staining
Lime scales
Mineral deposits
Carbon build up

Certified Trained Professionals

All Goleman employees are trained and certified professionals who take great pride in performing all tasks to the best of their abilities. They do this with all due care while working in the public’s eye on high profile buildings and structures.